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This is currently a work in progress. I'm just getting it into Docusaurus, so it's a hot mess. As a result this page and the right/left indices are probably inconsistent. I'll be working to bring those into alignment.


If you're reading this in the Github repo it is now more accessible via a Github Pages

This is my first pass at creating a runbook of my/our thoughts on how to run Opportunity Hack. There are a few caveats:

  • Opportunity Hack has been run in a few different formats. This runbook focuses on the full weekend varieties run in the US.
  • Even though we've gotten pretty good at these, there is always room for improvement, and we tune things every year.
    • Tuning is is not completely re-examining.

Hackathon Planning#

6+ months#

2+ months#

1+ month#

  • Food
  • Recruiting "roadshows"

Hackathon "weekend"#


  • Registration
  • Breakfast
  • Opening comments
  • Keynote
  • Information for the day
  • NPO presentations
  • Team formation
    • Hacking begins
    • Github repos
    • Devpost submissions
  • A bunch of meals and other stuff